Friday, June 16, 2017

The World’s Most Versatile Target Shooting Stand

I enjoy competitive plinking! 

My plinking always involves family and friends, and takes place outdoors. Plinkers shoot at more than just one kind of target, so we need a target stand that supports a variety of the most popular targets.

Many shooters only shoot 1 or 2 types of targets. 

For example, if you enjoy shooting stick- framed cardboard silhouettes, there are many manufacturers out there that make IDPA/IPSC type target stands. Prices range from $25 to $100 depending on quality. Most of these types of target shooting stands are quite light duty and made in China. Some are quite flimsy, and most require staking to the ground. If I wanted to use this kind of target stand, I would have to purchase at least 3 of them, and the cost would be in excess of $300 plus shipping.

Many shooters enjoy shooting just steel gongs. 

Steel gong shooting stands range in price from $100 to $230 and more, AND they generally only support a single gong. Most are quite light duty in construction. Most shake/bounce when a steel gong is hit. They quite often require staking to the ground. And, stakes generally get lost. If I were shooting with friends, I would need at least 3 steel gong shooting stands. That’s a lot of hardware to take into the field.

As an engineer, I decided to build a portable yet robust target shooting stand that fills many needs, and offers the following benefits.
  1. The shooting target stand will support a multitude of free-standing targets. 
  2. The target stand will be strong enough to support 4 or 5 large steel gongs. 
  3. The target shooting stand will be able to support at least three large stick framed IDPA/IPSC type cardboard silhouette targets. 
  4. I want a target stand that can support a variety of paper targets for sighting in guns, or for target practice. 
  5. The target stand must be easy to transport, carry, and store. 
  6. I want the best target shooting stand on the market that does all of the above. 
  7. Lastly, I want a shooting target stand that is made in America from quality materials.

Remember, as a Plinker 

my primary piece of equipment is a target stand that will be used to support a whole bunch of free-standing targets such as jugs, pill bottles, wooden blocks, potatoes, empty shotgun shells, NRA small caliber steel silhouettes, and etc. BUT, if I want to shoot steel gongs, IDPA/IPSC targets, or paper targets, I can do that without having to purchase other types of shooting stands. I only need 1 shooting target stand!

Remember, the all-weather 4x4 Target Shooting Stand will make YOU a better shot! And, it’s made in America from the very best materials.



Take a quick look at the versatility of the 4x4 Target Shooting Stand (

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